BlueRoad: Simply Living to find Freedom Within

Jaclyn Heyen (aka Patches O’Nassis) is the first person to live fulltime in a teardrop trailer pulled by a Harley Davidson motorcycle. She has been on the road since October 2012.  She travels with her dog named Yoska and chicken named Esmeralda. Living simply with her motorcycle (named Blue) pulling her teardrop trailer home (named TicTac).  Follow her discoveries, adventures, learning how to be more self sustaining with a smaller environmental footprint and traveling cheaply.  

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BlueRoad Sponsors

Become a Sponsor!

We are looking for Sponsors from personal to business. Help us bring our adventure of living simply to schools and communities. Be a Sponsor for the rebuild of Blue and TicTac. Be a Sponsor for a book, an interactive website, or a children’s book series.  

To become a BlueRoad Sponsor you can email or be a sponsor on

We need odd jobs

 How do we fund our travels? We find odd jobs on the road. We look on Craigslist in the towns we pass thru and generally put an ad in the ‘Resume’ section of Craigslist. We also work for our followers and their friends and family. If you want to help us out and have some odd job you want taken care of send us an email!

I usually charge $15/hr cash at the end of each day or a barter for things I need. If you have a place we could camp for a couple days while we work for couple days that would be great!

Since we camp in free campsites we have no need to work for our campsite only.  While we are there you can ask all the questions you want and might learn right along with me as we go further into a self sustaining life on the road.

I love to learn about different jobs... have something interesting? Make me an offer!