Jaclyn Heyen

Jaclyn Heyen


Eating Disorder Awareness

Journey To Worthy CD Cover
Journey To Worthy CD Cover

Journey To Worthy

 Jaclyn has spoken about her recovery of depression, eating disorder and self harm in many different avenues.  She has been on multiple documentaries, publications, public speaking, professional conferences and created a CD of the songs she wrote during her recovery called Journey to Worthy.

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Jaclyn is available for talking about her recovery to schools, communities and other resources.  Contact Jaclyn on the contact tab for more information.

You can purchase these songs and more on iTunes


Show Me The Way has been featured on a blog post from ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association).  This song has also been a center piece to many presentations and workshops for professionals in the field of Eating Disorders.


ABC’s of Eating Disorders features Let It Rain as the soundtrack along with other original songs you can find on the Journey to Worthy Album

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