Jaclyn Heyen

Jaclyn Heyen


BlueRoad: Simply Living to find Freedom Within

Jaclyn Heyen (aka Patches O’Nassis) is the first person to live fulltime in a teardrop trailer pulled by a Harley Davidson motorcycle. She was on the road from October 2012 to January 2021. She traveled with her dog named Yoska and chicken named Esmeralda. Living simply with her motorcycle (2012-2019 named Blue) pulling her teardrop trailer home (named TicTac).  Followed by VW diesel beetle (2019-2021 named Liesel Diesel) pulling TicTac the teardrop trailer.

Blue the Motorcycle

  • 2007 Harley FLHT
  • 1584ccs96 cubic inchOver 159,000 miles

Modification for pulling:

  • Oil Bud Oil Cooler
  • hitch from MCHitch

MPG pulling trailer: 30-40 MPG

Worn part replacement: (bought Blue new in 2007, first time unless otherwise stated)

  • Voltage Regulator 80,000 miles
  • Y-pipe 95,000 milesDrive belt at 100,000 miles
  • Wheel bearings, front and rear 120,000 miles
  • Fuel lines inside tank and fuel filter 128,000 miles (also before living on the road around 30,000 miles)
  • Primary chain foot tensioner 128,000 miles
  • Front fork gaskets, gasket behind primary 130,000 miles 
  • Rebuilt Transmission, Replaced Compensator & primary chain 145,000 miles
  • Replaced crank case seal, Stator, voltage regulator 147,000 miles
  • Replaced clutch pack 148,000
  • Replaced faulty stator & Voltage Regulator, rear brake line, primary chain shoe 148,000 miles

Regular maintenance:

  • Rear tire replacement every 5000 miles
  • Front tire replacement 15,000 miles
  • Oil Change 2500 to 5000 miles
  • Spark plugs with oil change
  • Brake pads 15,000 - 20,000 miles

*Learning to do all my own work on the bike as I go.

TicTac the Teardrop Trailer

  • 2012 Little Guy Rascal
  • 490 Dry WeightFull size bed
  • No kitchen
  • Remodeled inside 2015


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