Jaclyn Heyen

Jaclyn is an experimental artist recovering from depression, self-injury and an eating disorder.  She decided to live the life she thought she could only dream about.  In October 2012, Jaclyn got her teardrop trailer she calls TicTac and started a new adventure.  She pulls TicTac with her 2007 Harley FLHT she calls Blue (short for Bluebird of Happiness).  Jaclyn has been all over the US and has met many amazing people along the way.  Learning each day a little more about herself, her dreams and pushing herself outside of her comfort zone.  Letting life lead.  Life is good!

Biography: Jaclyn Heyen, MM., is an experimental artist originally from Seward, Nebraska.  She is a Harley owner and rider since 2007 and her creative work is based on her experiences on the road.  Her masters' thesis, Theorizing Soundwalls: Listening Within the Noise and creation of Tinny Scoots, an audio controller built out of the body of a scooter, opened up the need to share her experiences on her motorcycle.  Her most recent work called BlueRoad is a series of multi-media recordings and writings about her life on the road with her Harley and Teardrop Trailer.  These recordings and writings document her journey to living a minimal life and finding her authentic self. Jaclyn's research has focused on the use of music technology within a therapeutic environment.  She has worked on the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments Project from the Deep Listening Institute along with using unique ways of working with music technologythatinvolvesmotion tracking or unique interfaces. She also has a deep interest in the soundscape and soundwall and how one listens and defines themselves through noise.