Esmeralda the Biker Chick

 I'm Esmeralda the Biker Chick and I just joined my new mama on June 9, 2017. I came from a nice home in Los Molinos, California. I am an independent, knows what she wants, feminist, Silkie Chicken. I enjoy spending time in my mama's pant leg, sleeping when and where I want, eating and singing. I enjoy pestering my new brother Yoska Love. I don't really like it when he sniffs my butt but I think we will get along just fine.

You can follow Yoska and my adventure on Facebook and Instagram at TravelswithYoYoandEzzie.

Thank you to Scratch and Peck Feeds for feeding Esmeralda!! 

States Esmeralda has visited.
Esmeralda strutting
Hanging out on a knee
First close up
I love hiding in my mama's pant leg.
Getting use to the harness and leash
Mac and cheese face
Riding in her bag on a hike
Hanging in her roost in TicTac
After a dip in the river in Washington
Hanging out in Idaho
Hanging out in TicTac
Dressed up as Maude
Esmeralda and mama
Bath time!
Created by Jaclyn Heyen