Esmeralda the Biker Chick

 I'm Esmeralda the Biker Chick and I just joined my new mama on June 9, 2017. I came from a nice home in Los Molinos, California. I am an independent, knows what she wants, feminist, Silkie Chicken. I enjoy spending time in my mama's pant leg, sleeping when and where I want, eating and singing. I enjoy pestering my new brother Yoska Love. I don't really like it when he sniffs my butt but I think we will get along just fine.

You can follow Yoska and my adventure on Facebook and Instagram at TravelswithYoYoandEzzie.

States Esmeralda has visited.
Esmeralda strutting
Hanging out on a knee
First close up
I love hiding in my mama's pant leg.
Getting use to the harness and leash
Mac and cheese face
Riding in her bag on a hike
Hanging in her roost in TicTac
After a dip in the river in Washington
Hanging out in Idaho
Hanging out in TicTac
Dressed up as Maude
Esmeralda and mama
Bath time!
Created by Jaclyn Heyen