We need odd jobs

 How do we fund our travels? We find odd jobs on the road. We look on Craigslist in the towns we pass thru and generally put an ad in the ‘Resume’ section of Craigslist. We also work for our followers and their friends and family. If you want to help us out and have some odd job you want taken care of send us an email!

I usually charge $15/hr cash at the end of each day. If you have a place we could camp for a couple days while we work for couple days that would be great! Since we camp in free campsites we have no need to work for our campsite only. 

While we are there you can ask all the questions you want and might learn right along with me as we go further into a self sustaining life on the road.

Work I’ve done:

Tools to do work are supplied by you.

Yard Work:

Yard Cleanup

House Work:

Deep Cleaning

Paint Touchups


Office Work:


Office Setup/Organizing

Creation of Social Media 

Editing Audio/Video

Presentations and Performances:

($100 for 1-2 hours plus tips)

I can speak to your group about my life on the road, zero waste and my journey to becoming environmentally friendly.

I also perform folk music with stories from the road for parties, RV parks, Senior Living facilities, and more.


Where to Find Us:

Right now we are staying west. 

Fall: Colorado & New Mexico

Winter: Arizona, Southern California and maybe Southern Texas

Spring: TBD

Summer: TBD

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