We need odd jobs

 How do we fund our travels? We find odd jobs on the road. We look on Craigslist in the towns we pass thru and generally put an ad in the ‘Resume’ section of Craigslist. We also work for our followers and their friends and family. If you want to help us out and have some odd job you want taken care of send us an email!

I usually charge $15/hr cash at the end of each day or a barter for things I need. If you have a place we could camp for a couple days while we work for couple days that would be great!

Since we camp in free campsites we have no need to work for our campsite only.  While we are there you can ask all the questions you want and might learn right along with me as we go further into a self sustaining life on the road.

I love to learn about different jobs... have something interesting? Make me an offer!

Odd Jobs I’ve Done

  • Performer at RV parks and retirement home
  • Picked Wine Grapes
  • Digitizing Geological Maps in Adobe Illustrator
  • Shuttle driver/Tour guide to Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup
  • Tuning Native wood flutes
  • Customer Service at an Old Time Photos
  • Carnival ride operator
  • Sold fireworks at Costco
  • Packaged items for shipping for online/Amazon home businesses
  • Amazon Camperforce
  • Camphost at campground in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
  • Invoicing for small business 
  • Virtual Community Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Virtual Assistant/Researcher
  • Audio editor
  • Temp home aid for people with disabilities
  • Arranged flowers for hotel
  • Landscaping/gardening
  • Painted houses/sheds
  • Clean houses/ Air B&Bs
  • Organizing home & offices  

Book Jaclyn to Speak at your Event!


 Book Jaclyn to speak at your event.  From group gatherings, conferences and events.  Prices are reasonable, barter or donation only may be an option.  Contact for more information.

Neldee Crochet

Pat the Potato sporting his crochet hat and scarf by Neldee Crochet
Pat the Potato sporting his crochet hat and scarf by Neldee Crochet

Custom Made Gifts

Crochet Items:

  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Shawls
  • Baby clothes
  • Adult/Child matching items
  • Doggie clothes
  • Doggie and Me matching items
  • Other custom made gifts

Macrame Items:

  • Plant Hangers
  • Wall Hangings
  • Jewelry

Email with your custom made idea to receive pricing. 

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