Yoska Love

I'm Yoska Love and have been traveling with my mama since May 29, 2015. I was adopted from the Beaverhead County Humane Society in Dillon Montana. I am a peace, loving, chill, Chiweenie who loves meeting new dog and human friends. I'm getting use to my new sister Esmeralda the Biker Chick. She is a bit odd and likes to peck at me... I don't like that so much but she is tolerable.

My birthday is September 29 I'm a chiweenie, a chihuahua and dachshund mix. I love the road and riding on the back of Blue.  I ride in a special bag made for dogs strapped to the back seat of Blue. When we visit National Parks my mama lets me stick my head out!  

You can follow Esmeralda and my adventure on Facebook and Instagram at TravelswithYoYoandEzzie.

States Yoska has visited.
One of our first photos together.
Getting his name tag.
In charge
Working at Wallace Street Photo, Virginia City Montana
Preparing to hit the road.
Enjoying the sun.
Playing with his buddy Brutus.
Driving the boat, Land Between the Lakes Kentucky
First hike, Amboy Crater, California
His BFF, Boo
Ready to roll!
First dog park, Kingman Arizona
Posing in Boulder City Nevada
Working spot in New Hampshire.
Created by Jaclyn Heyen